Climb for Kids Event

EVENT – “CLIMB FOR KIDS”  Urban Peaks Sponsored Event, hosted by Metrorock

Climb for Kids in Newburyport- November 10, 2012 4 PM- 10 PM

Climb for Kids in Everett- December 1, 2012 4 PM- 10 PM


WHAT IT IS: fundraiser for Urban Peaks to benefit underprivileged kids in New England



  • Registration
  1. Email Bill Schifone at bill@urbanpeaks.org or Sara Gillers at sara@urbanpeaks.org OR
  2. Sign up at the front desk at Metrorock
  3. Pledge Sheet will be given/sent to you upon registration.



  1. Open to climbers or boulderers of ALL abilities
  2. Must be able to pass a belay test or have already passed a belay test at Metrorock (if you are getting on ropes)
  3. Registration will be closing the Friday night before each climb-a-thon
  4. Climbers showing up on the day of the event will be allowed to climb for a nominal $25 fee which will go 100% toward the fundraiser



  1. Gym will be closed to general public during event hours
  2. Climbers will be given a ‘scorecard’ to keep track of their climbs.
  3. Food and beverages will be provided for the participants
  4. Walk ins allowed on the day of event for a $25 donation

“RULES” for Climb for Kids:

  1. There are no real “rules”, these are only suggestions to make the level you achieve more meaningful and to allow some “friendly” competition between you the friends that are with you.
  2. Everyone is a “winner” tonight; you for dedicating your time, money and efforts to a great cause and of course the kids that will ultimately benefit from those efforts.
  3. All points are listed on the route placard, if there are any questions please find Bill or Sara
  4. There is no bonus for leading a route, we want to encourage fun, not leader falls
  5. To get credit for the point value on a climb, you cannot cheat by using holds/features that are not on or pull up on the rope.
  6. You do not have to do the climb cleanly (meaning you can hang on the rope) to get the route point value
  7. You can do routes more than once over the course of the night.  Each separate ascent will count.  However we do not want to encourage you to find one of the 5.5’s in the gym and run it one hundred times.
  8. The levels and associated points required to achieve them are shown on the back of your scorecard as well as several places in the gym.
  9. The levels are on an exponential scale.  If I’ve done this correctly everyone should make the easier ones and almost nobody will be able to do the final few levels.
  10. Try your best; remember what you’re doing this for.  Make sure you save energy to digest the free pizza that will be arriving in early evening.
  11. Most of all, thank you so much and have fun

Bill Schifone and Sara Gillers